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Mokanna's Community Involvement

Bro.Mokanna is involved in our community. We help support the science programs at a local elementary school, basic needs for a local home for special needs children and child safety. We are very involved in our community as a group and as individuals.

We also are partners and mentors in various Youth Groups created and supported by the Masonic fraternity. These groups have helped shape the moral foundation and character of some famous and important people throughout history, such as Walt Disney and former President Bill Clinton.

Lockhart Elementary is a very good school that has experienced some financial struggles. Mokanna helps Lockhart Elementary by donating money that is used to supply materials and information needed to perform experiments and enhance the learning experience for their Science classes. Science enables students to acquire an understanding of the world around them. The process skills learned in Science are lifelong learning processes that can be applied to any subject for understanding and explanation. These processes include: observing, classifying, measuring, comparing and contrasting, communicating, predicting, hypothesizing, inferring, identifying and manipulating variables, interpreting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions.

We raise money for Lockhart Elementary at our yearly Italian Dinner held in July. See the calendar or Events and Funraisers page for more info.


The Russell Home was the first non-profit institution in the country for brain-damaged children. Today you would find quietly hanging in the home, a dusty occupational license dated Nov. 13, 1951; when Mrs. Russell opened her home to the first child to "see if it would work out". Since then, the home has opened its doors to hundreds of youngsters, sometimes after hearing pleas from desperate parents, and on more than one instance, finding them just left on the doorstep.

The physical home consists of a nursery, dormitory wing, playrooms, living room areas, kitchen and large laundry room. The nursery is decorated in bright colors with many posters and stuffed animals and is cheerful for the youngsters. However, if you are ever fortunate enough to visit, bring plenty of tissues as you will find before the end of your visit, you will not have a dry eye. The love that is in this home, expressed through the eyes, sounds, and smiles from the children, will make you count your blessings for even the simplest things in life.

We raise money for The Russell Home at our yearly BBQ held in October. See the calendar or our Events and Funraisers page for more info. If you would like to help with supplies, click here for a like of items needed for the Russell Home residents.

Masonic Child ID Program

This program was adopted by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida in 1991 to provide a significant community service to the many communities in Florida. All too often we see or hear of a story of a lost, runaway or apparently abducted child. This program is designed to facilitate the safe recovery of these youngsters by the authorities.Bro.

The Masonic Child ID Program is a public service offered throughout the state of Florida at NO COST, to the Parents and guardians of children of all ages, infants to teenagers. The program provides a professionally videotaped record of a child or young person's unique visual appearance, mannerisms, voice, and very specific answers to very specific questions. The parents or guardian are given the ONLY copy, along with some helpful information and a form on which to record other vital information. These are to be given to the authorities in the event of the child missing for proper identification and for use with facial recognition software.

Mokanna performs this service for parents and guardians at our yearly Corn Boil in May. See the calendar or our Events and Funraisers page for more information on the Corn Boil. We also offer this service to other community groups or local events upon request. Contact Us for more information on how to contact us and make a request.