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Events & Fund Raisers

Corn Boil

Each May we host an all-you-can-eat Corn Boil featuring freshly grown Zellwood corn. We serve fresh grilled meat and other sides to accompany the corn. This event is held for in an effort to help keep our children safe by providing our Masonic Child ID program to the parents and gaurdians in our community.

The Masonic Child ID Program is a public service offered throughout the state of Florida at NO COST, to the Parents and guardians of children of all ages, infants to teenagers. The program provides a professionally videotaped record of a child or young person's unique visual appearance, mannerisms, voice, and very specific answers to very specific questions. The parents or guardian are given the ONLY copy, along with some helpful information and a form on which to record other vital information. These are to be given to the authorities in the event of the child missing for proper identification and for use with facial recognition software.

Visit our Calendar for details of our next Corn Boil and join us to meet others in your community and enjoy great food.

Italian Dinner

Join us as we bring a taste of Italy to Orlando with our annual Italian Dinner. We offer homemade Italian dishes served to you by our tuxedoed officers. Enjoy dinner in Roman Holiday atmosphere when we decorate our dining room and play italian music in the background. You just might believe that we have transported you to Italy for the evening.

100% of the proceeds we raise at our Italian Dinner go to help support the Lockhart Elementary School Science program. Lockhart Elementary is a very good school that has experienced some financial struggles. Mokanna helps Lockhart Elementary by donating money that is used to supply materials and information needed to perform experiments and enhance the learning experience for their Science classes. We look forward to seeing you at our next Italian Dinner. Visit our Calendar for details. Bon apetito!

2020 BBQ Details


Our Mokanna BBQ pit master spends his entire night tending to the meat and creates some of the best brisket, chicken, and sliced pork that you can find in the Orlando area. We serve it up with some handmade BBQ sauce, along with some fantastic sides. Check out our 2020 BBQ Flyer for more details!

We look forward to seeing ya'll there! Tell your neighbors! Bring your friends! The more the merrier!!

Visit our Community Involvement page for more information on these events and more!