History of Mokanna 329

During the decade of the 50’s, major defense firms commenced expanding and selecting new sites for research and development. The Martin Company of Baltimore selected a site south of Orlando for its expansion. The company transferred several thousand engineers and production workers to the new Martin Marietta Orlando plant. Many of these new inhabitants were Master Masons.

Due to shift work schedules, many Masons in central Florida particularly in Orlando were unable to attend evening Lodge meetings.

In 1957 four Lodges in Orlando were chartered and meeting regularly. Orlando 69, Eola Lodge 207, Winter Park Lodge 239, Composite Lodge 293 were all evening Lodges. Three of these Lodges met at the Masonic Temple building at 205 Central Street

This problem was discussed by a group of about 25 or 30 Brothers led by Bob Shugart and they reached a conclusion. A day time lodge would allow brothers the opportunity to attend Lodge meetings and to participate in Masonic activities.

They obtained permission to use the Masonic Temple at 205 E. Central blvd. and they met there every Saturday morning. This was such a promising endeavor that they eventually had a few hundred brothers interested.

They had such a rapid growth it was decided that this new group need some sort of identification. Because they were going to change their location to the Ormadz Grotto, they decided to use the name Mokanna.

Shugart’s  membership in Ormadz Grotto gave birth to the name Mokanna. It was the name of a key character in the ritual of the Grotto, King Mokanna. Who was a King of Persia during the early years of 1200 AD.

All of the chartered Lodges in Orlando granted permission for the new Lodge to be chartered.  Brother Shugart collected 125 signatures for a new Lodge petition although only seven were required. With those petitions in hand and with $500.00 in the bank, they requested a U.D. Certificate from the Grand Lodge.

This was presented at a special meeting on July 15, 1958 by Ralph Sawyer who was the DDGM of the then 15th Masonic District. On Saturday July 19 they held their first meeting as a UD lodge.

They continued meeting at the Temple on E. Central Blvd. until March , 1959 when they switched to a new Grotto Temple 1700 Edgewater Drive.

At the following Grand Lodge Communications in Jacksonville the Mokanna charter was granted and dated April 23, 1959. However there was some error in the Grand Lodge office and all charters issued at that time had to be reissued and re-signed by all Grand Lodge officers. As a result a special communications of the Grand Lodge was again called and opened for the purpose of constituting Mokanna # 329. and is dated June 20, 1959.

Mokanna was chartered with 128 charter members. Twenty three of these brothers received their degrees in the Lodge U.D. Eighty five came from nineteen other Florida lodges and twenty were from twenty out of state lodges representing thirteen other Grand Jurisdictions.

The Charter Worshipful Master came from Orange Blossom 80 and both Wardens came from Eola 207.

Mokanna closed it first year with a total of 166 members and cash on hand of $4,978.00

During the 1960’s the population of Central Florida grew at a tremendous rate. Along with this population growth our Masonic Lodges continue to grow as well. Especially Mokanna soared. In December 1959 there were 166 members. In 1964 there were 385 members and in the 1980’s we reached over 600 members.

As the Brethren and the Lodge prospered, they purchased all the necessary equipment and paraphernalia for the operation of the Lodge.  And through the efforts of Wor. Frank Alexander they  found property on Clarcona Ocoee Road and gave a down payment of $800.00. They then applied for a zoning variance with the city. After the zoning change was approved, they closed on 4 1/3 acres of land in August of 1968 for a purchase price of $8,000.00

After that various building committees considered many different Lodge Plans and even hired an architect for $3000.00 to draw up plans. Afterward however, they decided to build a Lodge similar to Eola’s . At that time they believed they had enough money to proceed with a new building. Wor. O.H. Ware gave permission to the building committee to go ahead with the program.

Architectural plans were presented to the Lodge for approval with the assurance that the Building could constructed with out incurring any debt.

Ground was broken on December 11 1976 by Grand Master Richard Griffie along with many of the other brethren.  Construction began under the Supervision of Hank Mueller and the building was under roof by March 19, 1977.

The first Meeting was conducted in the new building on December 29, 1977. Wor. George Laberee was master.

The construction of the Lodge cost $62,000.00 and because of the perseverance of the Mokanna Brethren we had our own lodge debt free.